Retiring "Ruger"

Link to Video of "Ruger"

I am retiring "Ruger" from our breeding program. He is still a young dog, and a very sweet dog. He just turned 4 years old this past December. He is looking for his forever "pet" home. He is a good boy and is crate trained. He heels and sits on a leash like a dream! He doesn't pull on the leash and walks on a loose leash. He loves children and has been very good with my grandkids. He is a beautiful very red color and weighs about 60 lbs or so. He is a smaller sized Golden Retriever. He has no health problems, he is just related to the females that I plan on using in my breeding program, so I cannot use him for a stud with them. He is used to being an inside dog, and needs a home where he will be an inside dog. He loves being outside and playing in the yard, but also loves human companionship and would not do well as a totally outside dog. For more information and price, please call me at 815-499-6718.